Copenhagen | Tuesday, 7 May 2024

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The AWS Community Day Nordics is a free full day event for AWS users to come together to network, learn from each other and get inspired. The event is organized by the community - for the community.

The AWS Community Day Nordics is a cloud education event where participants are able to learn best practices and latest trends for deploying applications on AWS. The event delivers a peer-to-peer learning experience, providing the people with a venue for them to acquire AWS knowledge in their preferred way: from one another.

Speakers are AWS users from the community - including First-Time speakers, AWS User Group leaders, AWS Community Builders, AWS Ambassadors and AWS Heroes - with real life experience in the AWS topics they are presenting.

Date & Venue

This event is being held Tuesday, May 7 2024 in DGI Byen's CPH Conference (Tietgensgade 65, DK-1704 København V).

Venue map

Track 1 - - Sankt Hans Torv room
Track 2 - - Nørrebros Runddelroom
Track 3 - - Foyer lounge


The event is free, but you need to register by issuing a personal ticket on EventBrite


Talks & Speakers

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🌤 Farrah Campbell
Head of Modern Compute Community @ AWS
Community Over Competition: The Power of Relationships, Communities, and Fun

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving tech industry, it's easy to get caught up in the race for innovation and success. However, what truly sets apart successful individuals and companies is their ability to foster a sense of community, build relationships, and inject a healthy dose of fun into their work. In this talk, we will explore the power of community over competition in the tech industry. We will delve into the importance of building and nurturing relationships, both internally and externally, to drive innovation, collaboration, and success. We will also discuss the role of fun in the tech industry. While innovation and creativity are crucial, it's equally important to foster an environment that encourages connection, play, relaxation, and enjoyment.

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Aaron Walker
Technology Director @ base2Services | AWS APN Ambassador | Berlin AWS User Group Co-organizer
Amazon VPC Lattice: The Service Mesh you actually want!!

Join me for an introduction to Amazon VPC Lattice, a fully managed application networking service that simplifies the management of network connectivity, traffic routing, and security between services across different VPCs and AWS accounts. In this presentation, we will discuss how Amazon VPC Lattice differs from traditional service mesh products and tools, and how it can help you modernize your applications from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture. We will demonstrate some of the key features of Amazon VPC Lattice, including its service directory, service network, advanced traffic management, and integration with AWS services such as IAM.

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Anahit Pogosova
Lead Cloud Software Engineer | AWS Data Hero @ Solita
The art of embracing failures

Nowadays serverless can mean many different things. Among others, it helps split bigger tasks into smaller pieces and run them in parallel, leveraging the power of distributed systems. It's also fun! And it's seemingly easy, almost magic-like! However, the real world is more nuanced than that. With all the power that distributed systems have given us, comes responsibility.In this talk, learn the most common challenges and pitfalls inherent to distributed systems and the ways to mitigate them. Delve into some real-world examples using two of the essential AWS serverless services: AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis. And most importantly, learn to embrace failures. Because as the CTO of Amazon Dr. Werner Vogels likes to say: everything fails, all the time.

Speaker Image
Andrey Devyatkin
Principal Cloud Engineering Consultant @ Fivexl | AWS Community Builder
3 Problems of Terraform or Why People Keep Writing Terraform Wrappers

Terragrunt, Terraspace, Terramate, terra... whatever. What is wrong with Terraform so people keep on creating wrappers and solutions around it? How OpenTofu will affect this dynamic? In this presentation, we will look into the fundamental driving forces behind a zoo of wrappers. Moreover, we are going to put together a wrapper ourselves so you can make an educated decision if you need one.

Speaker Image
Aritra Nag
Senior Cloud Consultant @ Playground Tech | AWS Community Builder | AWS Ambassador
Implementing AWS CloudOps in Serverless applications with AWS and OpenTelemetry

The session will focus on the significance of OpenTelemetry in serverless implementations and AWS Services like AWS Lambda, enhancing observability and resilience in IT systems, highlighting its unified observability, vendor neutrality, enhanced debugging and performance monitoring, and community-driven nature.

Speaker Image
Camille Kirstine Larsson
Frontend Developer | Girls in IT
Data Lake for Modern Business

Data lakes have emerged as a cornerstone technology for modern businesses, playing a pivotal role in data management and analysis strategies. The essence of a data lake lies in its ability to store vast amounts of raw data in its native format, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. This flexibility allows businesses to harness the full potential of their data assets, fostering innovation and driving strategic decisions based on comprehensive insights.

Speaker Image
Christian Bonzelet
AWS Solutions Architect @DFL Digital Sports
Perfecting the Play: Elevating Transcription Accuracy in Sports with Natural-Language-Processing

In the world of sports, the clarity of game narratives is paramount. Traditional transcription services, however, often fumble with the specialized lexicon of sports commentary, especially when it comes to accurately capturing the names of players and technical terms unique to the game. This session unveils Bundesliga’s approach to tackle this challenge head-on, using Amazon Transcribe enhanced with a custom-built NLP and fuzzy-string matching autocorrection feature, powered by Amazon Comprehend. This session is designed for advanced practitioners who, while familiar with AWS Transcribe and Comprehend, seek to deepen their understanding and application of these tools. Join us to gain insights into how data curation and innovative NLP applications can turn transcription challenges into victories, ensuring that every call of the game is as clear and accurate as the action on the field.

Speaker Image
Darya Petrashka
Senior Data Scientist @ SLB | AWS Community Builder
Building an AI Chat Assistant with Amazon Bedrock Agent

During the session, you will discover the potential of AWS's groundbreaking announcement from last year—the Bedrock agent. Focused on building a smart assistant, this session will provide insights into how the Bedrock agent leverages the reasoning capability of foundation models (FMs) to support workflow orchestration and automation. Explore the capabilities of the Bedrock agent through a captivating example project, where you will witness its ability to monitor updates on messaging platforms like Telegram, seamlessly translate messages, summarize content, and extract actionable insights. By the end of this 30-minute talk, every attendee will gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities that the Bedrock agent holds for optimizing productivity and facilitating smart assistance. Join me as we embark on this exploration of the Bedrock agent's potential.

Speaker Image
Elizabeth Adegbaju
DevOps Engineer | AWS Community Builder | WTM Ambassador @ Kreuzwerker
AWS things you wouldn't do with Django and how to do them

In my talk, "AWS things you wouldn't do with Django and how to do them," I'll share insights from my project where I combined Django with AWS services like DynamoDB, AWS Cognito, S3, and AWS App Runner. I'll discuss how I customized Django models for DynamoDB, implemented authentication with AWS Cognito, stored files in S3, and securely managed environment secrets with AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store for deployment. Attendees will learn practical tips for integrating Django with AWS services effectively.

Speaker Image
Gunnar Grosch
Principal Developer Advocate @ AWS
Developer Mindset: Embracing GitOps for Network Security and Compliance

As modern cloud-native applications evolve, the traditional network testing and security compliance in infrastructure deployments often struggle to keep up. In this talk we will discuss how leveraging GitOps and Generative AI allows for automated consistent network testing, security compliance enforcement, validation testing and standardization of infrastructure deployments across an organization.

Speaker Image
Jakub Gaj
Senior Cloud Architect @ LEGO Group
From serverless to functionless

Examples of functionless (a.k.a. Lambda-less) integration pattern, where a direct integration between two AWS services is configured instead of using custom code in an intermediary Lambda function, based on Step Functions, AppSync, EventBridge.

Speaker Image
Jimmy Dahlqvist
AWS Community Builder and AWS Ambassador, Head of AWS @ Sigma Technology Cloud
Building resilient serverless workloads: Navigating through failures

Serverless and event-driven workloads on AWS are well known for their inherent high availability and scalability, offering a robust platform right out of the box. However, in the world of cloud, it's well known that everything fails all the time. This reality becomes even more complex when serverless systems interact with non-serverless components, which may not possess the same agility in scaling. In this talk, we will dig into architectural patterns that can help you handle failures effectively. Additionally, I'll be sharing my personal insights and gotchas from working with serverless workloads for almost ten years.

Speaker Image
Lee Priest
Senior Engineer | Serverless | Writer | AWS Community Builder @LEGO Group
Quash Your Quota: A Batching Pattern For Eventbridge Schedules

Scheduled tasks are a powerful tool for any service. A managed service like the one offered by AWS in the form of Eventbridge Scheduler opens the door to efficiently managing the scheduling of millions of tasks. But what happens when you have a high-traffic service that would see you reaching the quota limit for the service? A batching pattern can help alleviate at least some of the load. By consolidating event triggers and batching relevant updates together within a single schedule, you can effectively navigate quota issues without compromising the quality of your service. In this talk, I'll explore the triggers behind the need for a batching pattern, demonstrate its application, and unveil the profound impact it can have on your architecture and user experience. Discover how to leverage this approach for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and consumer satisfaction.

Speaker Image
Luc van Donkersgoed
Principal Engineer at PostNL | AWS Serverless Hero | Building
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Embracing Serverless in the Enterprise

In the past 6 years, PostNL has built a landscape of over 70 serverless applications. We chose AWS serverless because it is a perfect match for our logistics processes, it is cost-effective, it allows us to focus on our business challenges, and it significantly reduces our operational overhead. But every decision in IT is a trade-off, and embracing serverless is no different. We will highlight the constraints we faced, the new skillsets required from our engineers, and the investment required for success. We will conclude by making up the balance; what has serverless brought our enterprise, what has it cost, and was it worth it?

Speaker Image
Luciano Mammino
Senior Architect @fourTheorem, AWS Serverless Hero, MVP, Author, Speaker
Your Lambdas, In Rust!

Rust is taking the software engineering world by storm, but how does it affect serverless? In AWS it's not even a supported runtime, so how can we even use it... and should we even try to do that? Spoiler: yes we should and it's actually quite easy to get started with it!

Speaker Image
Marian Puhl
Sr. Solutions Engineer, Nordics @ Couchbase
Coding With AI: Vector Search and RAG

If you’re a developer, you can use powerful new AI technologies right now to address common challenges and enhance the capabilities of your applications. In this session, we’ll offer practical tips on how to use AI with vector search and vector embedding to make searches more meaningful, intuitive, and tailored to user needs. You’ll learn how to integrate AI with LangChain and Couchbase vector search to solve real-world problems and simplify complex coding tasks. We’ll cover: Vector search and vector embeddings – Why it’s important to integrate them into your database for improved search results; LangChain for advanced data interactions – How to get richer data interactions and enhanced application responses; Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) – How to minimize LLM hallucinations by combining vector search with LangChain; Hybrid search – How to improve efficiency and accuracy by combining vectors with SQL and full-text search in a single query

Speaker Image
Martin Qvist
Principal Cloud Engineer @ Novo Nordisk
Lessons learned from Running AWS ParallelCluster HPC Systems at Novo Nordisk

In this talk, we will share our experiences and lessons learned from running AWS ParallelCluster HPC systems in a production environment at Novo Nordisk. Over the past several years, we have been leveraging ParallelCluster to power our high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in the AWS cloud, and during this time, we have encountered a number of challenges and developed strategies to overcome them. The talk will cover best practices for ParallelCluster deployment and configuration, techniques for scaling and resource management, and key insights and takeaways from our ParallelCluster journey. Attendees will learn practical tips and strategies they can apply to their own HPC deployments in the AWS cloud.

Speaker Image
Masoom Tulsiani
Cloud Architect @ Rackspace Technologies
Deploy and Customize AWS Landing Zone using AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform (AFT)

In the past 5 years, Rackspace Technology Professional Services has become a trusted AWS partner in building AWS Landing Zones in EMEA. In this session, we'll dive into leveraging AWS’s ControlTower & Best Practices from Customers experiences. This session will also include a demo to Deploy and Customize AWS accounts using Account Factory for Terraform (AFT) for Provisioning new accounts & Customizations. Session would include a demo of the AFT account-provisioning pipeline (CodePipeline).

Speaker Image
Olof Månsson
Data Scientist @ Nordea
Why every Enterprise should build modular GenAI applications

Today it is easy to get blown away by all the newly released foundation models. Models can get outdated at a pace the AI industry has never seen before. But all models are associated with a cost, where the most powerful models usually have the highest price. This leads to the question, should we use the most powerful LLMs to solve all problems or should we use the best model for our use case ROI? Therefore, it has never been more important than now to build modular GenAI applications. In this session, we will focus on 1) the importance of building modular GenAI applications with AWS Bedrock as a core component 2) choosing the right model for the right task 3) showcase what a modular GenAI application can look like

Speaker Image
Ronnie de Giorgio
Senior Site Reliability Engineering Manager @ Trustpilot
Scaling Platforms Reliably: Empowering software engineers to deploy AWS infrastructure in a scalable, secure and reliable manner in Trustpilot

In this talk, we will discuss the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and automation and the importance of empowering engineers with the right skills and tools to deploy AWS infrastructure in a self-service manner. Additionally, I'll share what we have learned along our journey at Trustpilot

Speaker Image
Paulina Dubas
Lead DevOps Engineer @ Dubas Consulting
Green Yet Lean: Efficient AWS Strategies for the Environmentally Conscious Developer

In this session, we'll dive into how leveraging AWS's serverless and managed services can significantly lessen our environmental footprint while maintaining, or even enhancing, operational efficiency. We'll explore the transformative power of efficient coding, smart scaling, and the strategic selection of AWS regions powered by renewable energy to not only optimize resource utilization but also align with sustainability goals. This talk aims to equip you with practical, impactful strategies for integrating eco-friendly practices into your AWS projects, demonstrating that high performance and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. Discover how to champion sustainability in your work, making each line of code you write a step towards a more sustainable future in technology.

Speaker Image
Pekka Malmirae
Founder/CEO @ NordHero | AWS Community Builder
Mastering AWS deployments with Terraform & Terragrunt

Terraform offers a robust, declarative way to describe your cloud infrastructure as code. And unlike some other IaC tools, Terraform also does a decent job comparing differences between your current version of IaC code, the last deployment stored in Terraform state, and the current state of the deployed cloud resources. But when it comes to managing and deploying multiple copies of the same infrastructure to same or different AWS account, an additional tool is needed. And that tool has the name Terragrunt. In this session, you will learn with a practical live demo, how to use Terragrunt to deploy Terraform code on a multi-account environment.

Speaker Image
Sebastian Schou Skøtt
Infrastructure Engineer @ Novo Nordisk
Speaker Image
Rasmus Balder Nordbjærg
Senior Cloud Engineer @ Novo Nordisk
Speaker Image
Jasper Hahn
Software Architect @ Novo Nordisk
Empowering innovation through delegation: Novo Nordisk's user-centric AWS transformation

Embark on a journey with us as we chart the course of Novo Nordisk's transformative five-year adventure with AWS. Imagine the early days: AWS accounts in Novo Nordisk were created based a one-size-fits-all approach that tried to fit all AWS projects in the same box. The landing zone was being operated and maintained by a central team, and this was a great starting point for getting the company into AWS. But as our story unfolded, the plot thickened. Our other business units, driven by a thirst for innovation and a need for customization, began to construct their own platforms within this framework. They sought—and created—tailored accounts, each equipped with bespoke resources, ready to serve their distinct business narratives. It's time to turn the page to our latest chapter: the AWS delegated landing zone. Crafted with our users and stakeholders as co-authors, this revolutionary model redefines our cloud ecosystem, with users firmly at its heart. It's a tale of empowerment, where shared responsibility isn't just a concept, but a practiced creed, and trust and privileges are not just given, but dynamically delegated. In our presentation, we'll invite you behind the scenes of this ground-breaking approach. We'll dissect the anatomy of our delegated landing zone, revealing how it's poised to catapult our agility and adaptability to new heights. Join us for an insightful session that promises not just to tell, but to inspire your own cloud transformation narrative.

Speaker Image
Pubudu Jayawardana
AWS Community Builder | Cloud Engineer | Serverless enthusiast | Senior Cloud Engineer @PostNL
Design a mission critical serverless application for high resilience

It is really important for a mission critical application to maintain high resilience since it will directly impact the business continuity. In this talk, I am going to share my experience on how we at PostNL use AWS Serverless technologies to design one of the mission critical systems - EBE (Event Broker E-Commerce) for high resilience.

Speaker Image
Safae Nabet
Cloud Solutions Engineer @ Agila.Cloud
Amazon Connect: The Contact Center Makeover You Can't Hang Up On

My presentation will focus on the AWS service Amazon Connect. I will also discuss how the contactFlows can be designed to give the best customer service experience. I want to go through interesting features of Amazon Connect and how they can be leveraged for different use cases. I will finish the presentation with ideas on how Amazon Connect can be used alongside other services like lambda functions, DynamoDB, Amazon Lex and Amazon Bedrock to create smart contact centers on AWS.

Speaker Image
Sepehr Mohammadi
Data Engineer @ Qred Bank
Building Data Platforms with Event-Driven Architecture and Orchestration

In this talk, we explore the integration of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and workflow management to build and orchestrate microservices for modern Data Platforms. This approach offers a dynamic, scalable, and efficient solution to managing complex data processing workflows. By leveraging the inherent advantages of EDA - such as loose coupling and asynchronous communication - in conjunction with the managed orchestration service provided by Step Functions, we demonstrate how complex data workflows can be simplified, automated, and made more resilient to changes and failures. Attendees will gain insights into the architectural principles, practical implementation strategies, and real-world applications of combining these technologies to build a data platform with modern data stack.

Speaker Image
Vadym Kazulkin
Head Of Development @ ip.labs | AWS Community Builder
High performance Serverless Java on AWS

Java is for many years one of the most popular programming languages, but it used to have hard times in the Serverless community. Java is known for its high cold start times and high memory footprint, comparing to other programming languages like Node.js and Python. In this talk I'll look at the general best practices and techniques we can use to decrease memory consumption, cold start times for Java Serverless development on AWS including GraalVM (Native Image) and AWS own offering SnapStart based on Firecracker microVM snapshot and restore and CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint) runtime hooks. I'll also provide a lot of benchmarking on Lambda functions trying out various deployment package sizes, Lambda memory settings, Java compilation options and HTTP (a)synchronous clients and measure their impact on cold and warm start times.


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Angela Timofte
VP of Engineering @Trustpilot | AWS Hero | Developer of the Year 2020
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Antonio Lagrotteria
Principal Architect & Engineer @Nordea | AWS Community Builder
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Rolf Koski
Pragmatist Futurist | CCO @ Knowit Managed Services | EMBA | AWS Hero & Ambassador
Speaker Image
Lezgin Bakircioglu
CT0 @Qred | AWS Community builder | Sec-t(.org) | AWS Stockholm meetup organizer

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Marcus Bladh
Jimmy Dahlqvist
Anurag Kale
Pekka Malmirae

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